Chain Stitch Embroidered Mickey Mouse Ears

World Famous Original

Mickey Ears embroidered the old fashioned way! Disneyland used to employ people to hand embroider each individual set of Mousketeer ears. They have since switched over to computer embroidered ears that don't quite have the same charm as the vintage chain stitching. 

The other problem with Disney's embroidery - the rules. They generally only let you get a first or last name. I can do whatever you want! (Within reason) 

Get yourself a set of ears embroidered and shipped to your door. 

Up to 2 words Included in price. For additional words please select add-ons. 
A NOTE ON CAPITAL LETTERS/INITIALS/NUMBERS/HASHTAGS.  Due to the nature of chain stitch embroidery script - Every Capital Letter (or number etc)  is the start of a new word. So if you wanted to get "BRG" that counts as 3 words - because the stitch has to be cut and tied off after each word. If you wanted to get "Brg" or "brg" that would be one word. 

I am not affiliated with Disney in any way. You are paying for the embroidery. ;) 

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