CUSTOM Chainstitch Rocker Patch

World Famous Original

THE PRICE IS A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. It will cover the cost of a basic rocker up to 8 Letters with one artwork revision and will hold your place in line for a custom patch. Additional costs will be paid in a separate invoice on artwork approval: Extra Letters ($10 Per Letter) Extra outline color ($2 per letter) Additional Revisions ($10 per change - I will try to be reasonable with this and not charge for smaller easy changes) 

Get your Favorite Word / Short Phrase / City on a top or bottom rocker patch. 

These patches are hand embroidered on a vintage chain stitch embroidery machine. I use a thick sturdy scrim felt as the base. I have various threads from matte acrylic to shiny rayon depending on the color/look you are going for. They have unfinished edges and will need to be sewn on. 

An important note. Patches worn in 3 pieces (top rocker / center patch / bottom rocker) are commonly used by biker clubs/gangs. Be smart about what you're wearing and where you are wearing it. I've never had a bad interaction with mine but you can assume your own risks. 

1. Select Your Felt Color 
2. Select Chainstitch or Chenille (only available on the script patches) 
3. Pick your thread color. Be as specific as possible, such as "Hot Pink" or "Bubblegum" instead of "Pink."  If you would like an outline different from the fill color please list that here as well. 
4. Pick what you would like your patch to say. 
5. Pick your Type style. Check the examples in our photos. Those are standard. I may make the letterers fatter or thinner depending on the length of your word vs the size of your patch. Do you have a specific font not shown or are you a graphic designer who wants to lay it out yourself? Please email me first at with what you are looking for before you place a non-refundable deposit. 
6. Let me know if it will be a top or bottom rocker. 
7. Jacket Measurements. Measure how wide you want your patch to be. In general, I will shoot to make an 8 letter patch about 12" wide at the furthest points. But if you have a larger jacket with a shorter word or if you have a much longer word that might need to curve more - It will help if you can measure your jacket at 2 points. Measurement 1: Between the shoulders on a Levi's jacket this is about the width of the two vertical back seams (14" in the sample picture) Measurement 2: The widest part of the jacket. For this measurement measure between the widest part of the jacket with a border of an inch on each side (17" in the sample picture) 
8. Confirm you have read this entire description. 
9. Leave a number I can text you at between 10am and 6pm Pacific time (preferred) or an email to reach you at. I will be sending you mockup artwork to approve as well as any questions, pictures of thread color, etc. 
Please allow up to 2 weeks for production. 

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