Custom Chainstitch Embroidered Hats

World Famous Original


Here they are! I've gotten a special rare post bed chain stitch machine just so I can embroider on hats. These are the kind they used to use at Disneyland before the digital take over. (If you want to bring in your Mickey Ears for something they wouldn't let you get embroidered at the park - hit me up) 

Pick your hat blank, pick your thread color, and pick 1-2 words of up to 8 characters each. I can sometimes fit longer words/phrases but please check by emailing wfoshop -at- to check before ordering. 

Chain stitch embroidery lends itself beautifully to cursive script lettering, coincidentally ALL CAPS and INITIALS do not lend themselves to chain stitch script. Please avoid using more than 2 Capital Letters side by side when picking your custom embroidery. All our embroidery is done freehand style, so you can expect charming imperfections and the appearance of being hand embroidered. We like it like that. If you're looking for something *computer perfect* we do not suggest ordering this item, as it is truly hand made. 

These chain stitch hats can also be ordered on the spot IN STORE The instagram bio has current available embroidery days. 

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Big one to note: INTERNATIONAL orders (outside the US and Canada) are currently made at the buyer's own risk as far as timing goes, due to individual countries' restrictions on imports at this time as well as severely minimized air travel around the world. We ship them out but cannot guarantee any timing - delays of over a month have been reported to certain locations. The best way to avoid this is to inform yourself about your country's current policies on parcels coming from abroad before ordering. Here's the USPS' current page on International service disruptions:

Thanks for you understanding, stay safe. - Ben