Frequent Meltdown Card



Before punching someone in their shitty little face, punch this card. Have a meltdown. Freak out. It's fine. Get it out so you can get over it. Now take a deep breath.

Is this patronizing? Yeah kind of, but you just lost your shit & you have this card because it's not the first time. So take that deep breath. Life goes on no matter what. Plus, you're one step closer to that free 10th meltdown.

Carry this around yourself or give these out as needed! A tiny reminder to stay calm, and if you can't, at least find some humor in a stressful situation.

Exclusive "black card" edition. Litho print on standard 3 3/8" x 2 1/8", 30mil (0.76mm) plastic, similar to a credit card.

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